Sunday, June 25, 2006

Another Rant

My brother is one of those people who keeps fiddling wityh things to try and make them better. This is obviously really annoying because you have to try to keep up.

For instance, there was a time when his mobile phone number changed every 10 minutes just because he's found a better provider or a better phone or whatever.

Now he's upgraded his blogging software which has broken all the permalinks. I've fixed the most recent one, but why can't he leave well alone. Bah!


I listen to The Archers.

Now you have got over that, let me tell you about something that annoyed me in Friday's episode. Shula's husband has been battling with a gambling addiction over the last few weeks, an addiction that has put them in debt to the tune of £100,000. Fallon, meanwhile, has just had her 21st birthday party. The said party took place in her mother's pub and took the form of a James Bond night with a fake casino. People were not gambling with real money but the person with the most chips at the end won a bottle of champagne.

Given her recent tribulations, it's not surprising that Shula was upset about the idea of a party that involved gambling, fake or otherwise, so she had a bit of a rant about it. However, I think somebody should have pointed out that the said public house exists to involve people in drinking alcohol which also has been known to screw people up.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Station X

On Saturday, Sara and I visited Bletchley Park as a birthday treat for me. It was a fun day out and worth £10 of anybody's money.

Highlights of the day were viewing the Colossus rebuild, meeting Tony Sale who rebuilt it and being given a tour by Jean Valentine who was a bombe operator at Bletchley Park during the War. There was also a computer museum full of old microcomputers and stuff including several models that were owned by me or my family.

Incredibly, since Bletchley Park housed one of the Second World War's most important units, the Trust receives no public funding to maintain the site. The whole thing is run purely on gate receipts, donations and income from the shop. They also rent out parts of the site to various geeky clubs in the area such as the local Model Railway Society which makes for some eclectic exhibitions.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sixth of July

The most important date of the year, at least in movie terms is 6th July. I have to admit to some nervousness because sequels are rarely as good as the originals.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spinal Tap is wrong

This is Spinal Tap, the "rockumentary" is tragically wrong. Spinal Tap is a band that is famous for having amps that go up to eleven and for having drummers that go up nearly that far. Sadly, it appears that for one band, The Grateful Dead, it is not drummers that have a truncated life expectancy, but keyboard players. In fact, their fourth keyboard player has played his last Earthly chord.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Exploding eye balls

My brother once blogged on how his eyeball has extra high pressure and might explode. I can't be bothered to search his blog for the permalink, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Mindful of this, I approached today's eye test with some trepidation.

Optician: Is there any history of glaucoma in your family?

Me: what is glaucoma?

Optician: It's when your eyeball has too high pressure and explodes.

Me: Well my brother had high pressure in one eyeball in his last test. It'll probably explode soon.

Optician: Did they call him back for monitoring or anything?

Me: No they said the pressure was within safe limits but just different across the two eyes.

Optician: Oh right, that's nothing to worry about. By the way, your test was absolutely fine.

In fact it turned out that my prescription is actually 0.25 diopters better than last time. The optician told me this isn't actually a good thing because reducing my prescription will actually make my eyes feel like they are straining because of the weaker lenses. Bah!

Anyway, by a miraculous coincidence, it turns out that my brother's eye really is exploding after all.


Observant blog readers will notice that this blog was posted in the early hours of Friday morning. The story only makes sense when you realise I didn't know it was past midnight and thought it was still Thursday.

Observant members of my family will notice that my eyetest was on Thursday morning. Leaving my parents' house on Tuesday morning at crack of dawn in order to make the appointment on Tuesday was to no avail because as my eye test was due I was sitting in a traffic jam just west of South Mimms services.

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