Monday, April 25, 2005

Stupid ITV

I haven't watched an F1 Grand Prix for ages mainly because watching one team and one driver dominate becomes extremely tedious after a while. People who have been keeping up with F1 this season will know it is a bit different this year, so, having acquired a new television, I decided to watch the last third of the GP.

I was rewarded with one of the most thrilling finishes I've ever seen. After the last pit stop, Alonso was in front of Schumacher by about 0.5 seconds and had to hold him off for at least 10 laps.

Unfortunately, ITV's coverage did its best to spoil the specatacle. They missed the crucial last Ferrari pitstop for an advertising break. This is probably forgivable in view of the fact that the pit stop was late and they probably held off as long as possible. But then, with five laps to go they went for another break and when they came back there was only one lap left. Viewers missed four of the last five laps of the most exciting F1 race for years. What did they think they were doing?

Friday, April 15, 2005


I've got a new television and I also have NTL cable.

Now as many of you wgho have cable know, when you change to a new channel, you get a caption at the bottom of the screen saying what's on now and what's on next. Switching over to Sky One to see if there were any Simpsons episodes on, I was greeted by a caption saying that "Britain's Biggest Celebrity Mingers" was on next. The concept, I believe, is to take British celebrities and see how they have gone from beautiful to not beautiful over the years.

Unfortunately the screen wasn't quite wide enough so the last two letters were missing.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Young man...

This week I took delivery of a brand spanking new television set. Since I've been deprived of a televisual experience for nearly a whole year, I've gone on a bit of a binge and I've been watching stuff I'd never have considered before.

Whilst flicking through the delights that make up NTL's music TV selection, I came upon VH1 classic which happened to be showing the video for YMCA. Eager to spot the "one that really is gay" - the red indian I believe - I watched the vid from start to end. The red indian was fairly obvious, but what was not obvious was the dance.

You know the dance. It's the one you do in the night club after eight bottles of Stella and four hours of mind numbing garige which you loathe except for "Groove is in the Heart" (on now as I type) and the DJ has finally got round to playing some real music including Village People and you're too drunk to get the "C" the right way around thus making an "O" with Sara or perhaps an "x" depending on which side she is standing and also just before what one DJ called "the erection selection" which is usually "Lady in Red".

Well on the video, they don't do that.

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