Monday, January 03, 2005

Phish phishy phishy phish

This is my first blog of the new year, so I thought I'd return to its original subject. I have found a Phishing IQ Test which some of you may enjoy. I managed 70% and the three I got wrong were in the "right" direction i.e. I thought they were phishes when, in fact, they were legitimate.

Actually, what is the plural of "phish"? Is it "phishes" or "phish"?

Strange, I did the same.. 7/10 with No's 1,6 and 9 picked as dodgy when in fact they were legit.

Plural of phish..?? No idea, but phish would be my first choice if pushed.


I can't see the comments (I know one was mine, anyway) :) for some reason.??
They look like they're here to me.
They're back Jeremy.. :)

How strange.


9/10. Mind you, half of them were guesses, so I'm either lucky or intuitively know when something's a scam ... :-)
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