Sunday, January 16, 2005

If I had all the Poo in the world, this is what I would do with it

OK, it was a mistake.

You may have noticed that my blogging is somewhat erratic. This is because I am often at a loss for something to blog about. In short, I lack inspiration, so I signed up to in the hope of obtaining some erudite topic on which I could wax lyrically. Sadly, I underestimated SimonG's friends.

Well, I've made my bed so I have got to lie in it, which is, incidentally, why one of the things I most emphatically would not do with all the poo in the World is keep it in my bed.

I think I'd start by cataloguing it. There are many different (dare I say) flavours of poo. There's human poo obviously, and cow poo, cat poo, dog poo. Somer kinds of poo are maybe not poo at all, bird poo for instance and I remember many years ago there was a scientific argument as to whether some yellow stuff found in Iraq or some place like that was actually bee poo or weapons of mass destruction. Then there's fossilized poo e.g. there's a whole scientific discipline for studying dinosaur poo. I'm not sure fossilized poo should count though as it's actually made of stone.

Having catalogued it, I'd spread it on my roses.

This blog post fulfils the assignment If I had all the Poo in the world, this is what I would do with it at You can rate it here.

The poo was all my fault. I'm sorry Jeremy, I really am.

Dinosaur poo is top stuff!
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