Sunday, October 10, 2010

Once in a Generation...

... come these posts.

Also, according to numerologists, says the Channel 5 News, 10/10/10 comes "once in a generation". Let's examine that: the last 10/10/10 was exactly 100 years ago and the next one will be in exactly 100 years. That seems a long time for a generation. Maybe they meant a repeating number in a date. Well 9/9/9 was last year and 11/11/11 will be next year. That seems rather short.

JeremyP says "numerologists are full of it".

Good One. I came to know what a is generation through your post.
Well hold on now.

Every 100 years, there are only 12 years that allow x/x/x dates. In 1974, there was no 74/74/74.

So x/x/x dates only occur in 12 year intervals, 88 years apart.

This is longer than a generation, but still not possible every year.
I know I'm late to the party but here's my explanation: No matter what's the length of a generation—average life expectancy approaches one hundred years. That means that most individuals experience exactly one 10/10/10. Few experience this date not at all, no one twice. So maybe that's a numerologist's definition of "Once in a Generation" :)
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