Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You're fired!

Alan Sugar fired a Phd physicist tonight. She's one of the few people in the world who can do quantum mechanics.

The main lesson she learned was that she wouldn't have enjoyed it in Alan Sugar's world and was quite happy to be sacked in the end. How she failed to learn that lesson by watching the previous two series is beyond me. I figured out the same thing after series one programme one and I've only got a first degree and not a very good one at that.

Quote of the night was by Alan: "This isn't electrons and protons flying about now. This is the real world." Well, actually....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Amphitheatre

The Romans made a spectator sport of throwing Christians to lions. What have we got to rival that? Nothing?

No, in fact I happened to tune in to a programme called "Get Your Act Together". This is Harvey Goldsmith doing the entertainment equivalent of Kitchen Nightmares. This week he did The Big L (don't bother, the server is in meltdown) radio station. The people running it are obviously a bunch of muppets and it makes great entertainment (the station is losing £50k per month and nobody seems to think it matters) but the best bit was that after the main programme they have a debate on E4. They put the threee main muppets up against lots of people who know how to do radio and the result is total carnage.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Breaking News

Prince William has split up with his girlfriend. This is such devastating news that the BBC led with it on all their Radio 4 news bulletins right up till at least lunch time and it's still the headline on their web site. Somewhat ironically, the media is speculating that the split was caused by media pressure.

Message to the BBC: this is not news. News is people dying in Iraq because our government is completely incompetent and World Chess Champions being arrested for protesting against the Russian government. News is not spotty only just ex-teenagers losing their girlfriends even if they are second in line for the throne.

I've got some news for the BBC. My friend Sara and I are having cross words at the moment. The main reason is that she and I have a bet of £10 as to whether Arsenal or Liverpool will end higher in the Premiership. This is a bet we often have and I've never lost, usually because Liverpool start the season (Sara feels confident enough to make the bet) well and then implode (Sara loses the bet). This year, it looks like I am going to lose, but that's not the problem. Recently Sara has taken to texting me with Arsenal's results e.g. Liverpool 4, Arsenal 1 or Arsenal 0, West Ham 1. When I point out that it's not a nice thing to do, she says I'd do the same to her if the positions were reversed and then I point out that I didn't text her when Arsenal put Liverpool out of the FA cup with three goals at Anfield and I didn't text her when Arsenal put six goals past Liverpool (at Anfield) to put them out of the League cup. That seems to make her a bit grumpy.

So BBC, there's your story "Friend of JeremyP gets grumpy because JeremyP has the moral high ground". That's got to be more newsworthy than "young man splits up wth girlfriend".

BTW Sara failed to text me with Arsenal's result today (2-1 against Bolton) so I had to ring her up to find out if she was OK. That made her even more grumpy.

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