Thursday, February 17, 2005

A bad week

I've had better weeks.

It started on Tuesday with some flickery lights. These were not UFO's or anything, simply the ones in my lounge. I thought: "dodgy electricity supply". Then my firewall, which is quite a noisy old P2 machine running Linux, rebooted as did my game PC. I thought "dodgy electrics in my house" and decided to investigate.

On opening the cupboard under the stairs, I noticed that ionised electric smell as of a Scalextric set and could sometimes here a crackling. It transpired that a connection block between the meter and the two fuseboxes on the live wire was running a little hot. The effect was better with the lights off because then I could see little red hot pinpricks coming off it. I thought it would be a good idea to turn off all unnecessary electrics and consult a qualified high voltage electrical distribution engineer (my Dad). It took much soul searching to decide that my PC was unnecessary electrics.

The consensus was that a qualified electrician from the electricity company was required since there was no fuse that I could see that would allow me to isolate the faulty wiring. The electrician came and did a grand job and also took seventy-five of my pounds (money not weight sadly) away with him.

My troubles were over except that this morning as I was driving to work, a nice man drove his car into the side of mine. It was his first ever accident and he was ever so upset. I felt quite sorry for him. His business card says he is a central heating engineer. Perhaps I'll ask him to do my next boiler service.

In the meantime, it's insurance company time.

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