Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Testing some blogging software

I've just upgraded to MacJournal 2.6 which now seems to have an interface to If this works, I'll be able to blog whenever I like, even when offline.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

a word is worth a thousand words

The man sitting at the next desk to me talking to his wife's voicemail:

"I got your message: how wet is the phone?"

I read somewhere that, in the UK, the most common demise for a mobile phone is to be dropped into the toilet. Usually such phones are a bit out of date and need replacing. Can anyone explain the correlation (ahem)?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Fares please

On my way to work today I passed a bus going in the other direction. In place of the usual sign at the front saying what number it is, it had a notice saying "Please have the correct fare ready". This sort of thing really annoys me since I am an infrequent bus traveller. How am I supposed to know what the correct fare is? Also, what if I only have a £5 note in my pocket?

They manage to post bus timetables at bus stops. Is it beyond them to also post fare tables? Or even better, we should go over to the Neapolitan system. In Italy you buy a ticket before you get on the bus that's valid for a number of minutes. When you get on the bus you time-stamp it in a machine and you can then travel anywhere you like provided you can do it within the period it says on your ticket.

Italian buses run on time too.

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